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Involutions is an online zine started as a collaboration among a number of local New York writers. It is an "online zine", as opposed to an "ezine", because the web is solely used as a distribution vehicle. The intent is that readers will download and properly print the zine. To this end, fully typeset PDFs for the interior and cover of each issue are provided. Involutions is free, and has been edited and proofread through a process of peer review.

Why another zine? We view each issue of Involutions as a separate anthology of short works. The zine is a vehicle for distributing our writings. Many writers experience a common dilemma: they have no knowledge of how to get their stories published and don't have the time to both write and find way to get published. A professional writer is in a better position to do so, but most of us have other careers and simply want to share our work and ideas with an interested audience. The current configuration of the publishing industry makes it very difficult to do so, because one must understand the business aspect, know the right people, and spend a great deal of time on non-writing activities. Given that many of us can barely find time to write, this is impractical. We feel that there must be a better way. We are offering high quality selections, properly edited and typeset. And we don't want any money. This is our means of sharing with you, the reader.

Involutions originally was conceived as a collection of short stories but evolved to incorporate poems, graphic works, and pieces that defy classification. While much of the work has a surreal quality, there is no intentional emphasis on any one genre. The common theme is quality. Though a given piece may or may not appeal to any particular reader, all of the works have been critiqued by other authors, edited, and proofread. We make the guarantee to our readers that we won't waste your time. We all are readers as well, and have only included pieces that we enjoy reading.