Involutions - How To Print

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Involutions was meant to be properly printed. To this end we provide 2 files for each issue:

  1. Interior: This includes the entire zine except for a formal cover. This document is self-contained, and has a title page of its own.
  2. Cover: A proper cover sheet from which to produce a softback cover for the zine. We used the format recommended by BookSurge. The sheet is 11x17 and must be trimmed. The version provided is a high quality jpeg for 300 DPI color printing.
Note: We may eventually offer PDFs for the individual works as well. A very high quality TIFF cover sheet is also available on request.

The zine was typeset in LaTex and compiled using pdflatex. All images and fonts are embedded, rendering the resulting files entirely self-contained. [If this is not the case, then please let us know and we will fix it].

The interior sheets were designed for A5 printing (5.3" x 8.5"). They do not have a bleed, and the pdf is the trim size. They are intended to print two-sided but can easily be arranged to print on A4 sheets that will be cut. The interior is gray-scale for black and white printing. Our intent is that it be printed on heavy (40lb+) two-sided off-white matte.

The cover consists of 2 pages (front/rear outside) and the outside spine. The inside is entirely blank and we omitted it. The full cover was designed for professional printing by a company like BookSurge and sits on an 11x17 sheet. For printing on other sheet sizes, a program like ImageMagick may be used for resizing. The cover is color and is intended to be printed on heavy (80lb) Matte paper.