Involutions Contract with the Reader

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By downloading any work from this web site you agree to the following:

  1. The authors retain all rights to the works.
  2. The works may be read, printed, and copied for individual consumption only. There is no charge. The zine may be downloaded, printed as a whole or in parts, copied, and archived for personal use.
  3. Each individual who reads the work must agree to this contract. Rather than redistributing the work yourself, we ask that you refer others to our website. This helps us monitor the level of interest and avoids inadvertent circulation of unattributed copies.
  4. You may not charge money for access to this work, reference to it, or knowledge of it. You may not make a buck off of any aspect of it.
  5. You will not include any text or works from this website on other web pages. If you wish to link to our website, we will generally allow you to do so (see the FAQ first, though). No bots, please.
  6. You promise to be considerate in your use of our web site. It's not a big commercial operation.
  7. Any analysis, critique, or other derivative use must clearly attribute the original work to the ezine and author(s) and make clear to the reader the context and nature of the original piece. The original meaning of the author can not be hidden, modified, or distorted through inclusion or omission.
  8. No use may be made of the work that would not be admissible were this a commercial publication.
  9. You will not harass the authors or editor, or annoy them in any way.
  10. You understand that some pieces may contain mature themes and language.
  11. We retain all rights under the law (whether explicitly mentioned here or not).